Clubs & Organizations

Bay City Central offers a rich variety of Clubs and Organizations to fit any student interests.


NHS-Big-New-Logo-218x300The Agathos Chapter of the National Honor Society of Central High School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Candidates for membership into the Agathos Chapter of the National Honor Society are 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better and have a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service logged by the application due date.  Candidates will be given the application packet with instructions and the forms needed to complete the process.  After candidates turn in the application forms, the seven member Faculty Council reviews and scores the anonymous forms with an established rubric to determine which candidates meet the criteria for membership.

Accepted applicants will be recognized at a formal induction ceremony and celebration.  Once inducted, members will be required to maintain the same level (or better) of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Obligations include attendance at monthly chapter meetings during the school year, completion of individual service projects, and participation in the chapter service project.

Students and parents who have questions about the organization, requirements, or the application process are invited to contact the chapter adviser Sheryl Gentry at


Anime Club is a social group of students that get together to talk about different shows, play various games, and have fun.  While the main focus is anime, the Anime Club includes video games, cosplay, and web comics.  Anime Club is well known for their performances in Central High School's annual variety show, Band Bounce.  At Anime Club, everyone is accepted, so come as you are!  Sponsor:  TBD


The purpose of the Art Club is to stimulate an interest in art. Field trips and fund-raising projects are held. Sponsor:  Mr. Howard McLean


Band extends musical knowledge of students beyond previous experience into orchestrated music, bringing together harmonies of different instruments to please the masses. Bands range from Concert Band, to Symphony Band, Wind Symphony, Marching Band, and Jazz Band.  Sponsors: Mrs. Kristy Keenan or Mrs. VanderGraaff.


Students along with the staff sponsor handle all volunteering requests.  We have a bulletin board along with descriptions in the daily announcements.  Some opportunities can also be found in the Student Information section of our website.  On average we put in over 1,000 hours a year on various volunteer opportunities.  Sponsor:  TBD


The purpose is to provide information about occupations and how to prepare for the world of work. Activities include field trips, conferences and speakers from the community who can benefit the club's objectives.  Sponsor:  Mr. Ed Clements


The Crest is Central's literary book published yearly. This book contains different works done by students over the year, showing talents in writing and in visual art.  Sponsor:  Mr. Mike Vincent


The goals are the promotion of standards of excellence in all phases of theater and the creation of an active and intelligent interest in drama. Students produce plays which involve work on costuming, props, tickets, make-up, sound effects, and lighting as well as acting.


All members taking German and former German students are eligible for membership. The purpose of the club is to promote friendship and interests in the German language and culture. Sponsor:  Mrs. Susan Elder


The Green Club is dedicated to the development of recycling efforts at CHS and in the community of Bay City. The following are the major goals of the Green Club: Continuing of the classroom recycling of paper products; Recycling of aluminum cans; Educating of the students and staff at CHS to the benefits of recycling; Assisting local schools in their development of recycling programs; Work with the City of Bay City in its recycling efforts: Fundraising activities to further the efforts of the Green Club; Assisting in the development of a positive physical plant image at CHS (planting trees and flowers); Exploring further recycling efforts, such as Styrofoam, cans and newspapers.

INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY (kind of like a NHS but for theater kids)

Students have to earn points by being in or helping out with theater at school and in the community.  When they earn enough points they can go to festival and audition for theater scholarships with schools in Michigan.


This Varsity level spring boy's contact club is considered "the fastest game on two feet" and currently America's fastest growing sport. Lacrosse combines the skills of hockey, football and soccer to move a ball the length of a football field towards a goal. Lacrosse values physical conditioning, eye-hand coordination and body contact. General sports physical including mouthpieces are required. The athlete must purchase some equipment. Practice begins in early March and runs through late May.


This club promotes greater awareness of the world by taking students on biennial trips to foreign countries.  Students are trained by teachers on how to be effective travellers prior to departure.  Destinations alternate between lower cost trips to the Western Hemisphere and higher cost trips to the Eastern Hemisphere.  Sponsors:  Kristy Keenan (email:, Craig Windt (email:


Link Crew is a high school transition program by the Boomerang Project that trains mentors from your junior and senior classes to be Link Crew Leaders.  As positive role models, Link Crew Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to high school and help facilitate freshman success.

Link Crew members meet their Freshmen and show them around Central High at Freshman Orientation.  They plan activities and attend school functions with their Freshmen throughout the year.  Studies show that if students have a positive experience their first year in high school, their chance for success increases dramatically.  Link Crew provides the structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from juniors and seniors who have been through the challenges that high school poses, and understand that transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming.  Sponsors:  Penny Hildinger (email:; Katrina Jackson, (email:; Susan Elder (email:


The Positive Post Pledge Club is making an effort to change how people treat each other online.   The ultimate goal is to decrease cyber bullying; which is the use of the Internet to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile way.  We hope to encourage all of our students to take the responsibility of appropriate Internet use seriously.  By taking the pledge you commit to "think before you tweet" and "ponder before you post".  Join us on Facebook!  Sponsor:  Mrs. Jill Moore


Students Against Destructive Decisions aims to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions by hosting awareness events throughout the year.


Students Against Sexism is a group that welcomes all students and promotes gender equality.  Our service projects raise money for the Women's Center of Bay County.


CHS students may bring a guest to school dances. The guest must be at least a freshman in high school but no older than 20 years and pre-registered and approved by an administrator via a Guest Approval form. All guest pass request forms need to be turned in by the end of the day Wednesday prior to the dance scheduled.

Filling out the Guest form does not guarantee that the person will be allowed to attend. It is better to ask for approval well in advance of a dance.

To purchase tickets for Prom, a student must be of Junior or Senior status based on credits. All students must show ID's at the door to be admitted to the dance. Students are not permitted to re-enter after having once left the dance. Students are subject to all school rules and their consequences if those rules are violated (smoking, alcohol/drug possession or use, etc.).

Any inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the dance. Students should make arrangements for transportation prior to coming to the dance. Suspended/Expelled students are not permitted to attend.


The Ski Club introduces students to skiing and promotes fellowship among the students. The purpose is to have fun with others who enjoy skiing.


Student Council is formed to serve the interest of the students of Bay City Central. All students are members of Student Council but voting is done by representation. Each class is represented by four Senators and each organization has one Representative.  Voting takes place for upperclassmen during the preceding school year.  Sponsor:  Mrs. Sheryl Gentry.


Student Crime Stoppers is a student driven organization within the school dedicated to stopping and solving criminal activity around Central High School. Callers remain completely anonymous. Crime Stoppers will pay cash rewards for information leading to solving the crime. The organization is dedicated to making Central High School a safer and better place to be.


Unified Champions (previously known as Project Unify) was introduced as a brand new club to Central High School in 2011 and already has made a difference.  Members are looked upon as being leaders of the school, which comes with a lot of dedication and commitment, but is one of the most rewarding clubs here at Central.  Unified Champions is a division of Special Olympics that is all about joining the general education with the special education, giving all students much needed attention, endowing a true high school experience for all.  Central's Unified group won a national aware for running a complete and productive Unified Club in 2017.  Plus, Unified Champions is so much fun!!  There are endless activities and opportunities to get involved throughout this club!  Sponsors:  Mrs. Hildinger ( or 989-893-9541 ext. 1220) and Mrs. K. Jackson ( or 989-893-9541 ext. 1438)

Below are activities that Unified Champions members can choose to be involved in:

  • Members participate in after school activities such as bowling, basketball, volleyball, track, bocce ball, crafts, going to football -- basketball -- volleyball -- soccer games, going to plays, choir and band concerts and much more! It is up to the student members to decide what activities to do.
  • Members may compete in sports such as bowling, basketball, volleyball and bocce ball.  These events are held at State Games and give students a chance to meet students from around the state and spend some time on university campuses.
  • Meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month, notifications will be sent in time prior to meeting date -- listen to announcements or stop by and see Mrs. Hildinger in Room 220.  You may also check out the information in the display case near the main office.
  • The Polar Plunge is a winter event in which willing members raise and pledge money to get the chance to jump in icy water for Special Olympics.
  • The R Word Campaign is an event that all Unified Champions members participate in, standing up and raising awareness throughout the school, and within the district, regarding the hurtful and unnecessary "R" word.  SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD! Your words have the power to change lives.  Use your power and show RESPECT!
  • We need you to turn in two sheets of information to become a member of CHS Unified Champions:  Information sheet and Special Olympics Health Form or Participation Form.



Yellow Ribbon is a grass-roots, community based, volunteer organization developed to serve youth and the communities that surround them, and to address youth/teen suicide through public awareness, education and training to help communities build new and/or strengthen existing programs.  If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one, CALL 800-273-TALK (8255).  Sponsor:  TBD