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Student Life at Bay City Central High School includes many diverse areas. Here you can find Information and Resources that you, The Student will need for every step of your educational experience through High School.


Click the links below or scroll to the bottom of this page to open/print the pdf file you're interested in viewing.

  • Tentative District Student Calendar
  • Student Code of Conduct 
    • Student Code of Conduct books were given to students.  An error was discovered on page 19 in reference to the Closed Campus.  It states in this year's book that students can leave campus for lunch.  There should have been a line that states Central High School is an exception to this because Central High School is a closed campus for lunch.  All stakeholders were made aware of this error in various ways.  Central High School is closed campus for lunch.
  • Senior Calendar Information
  • Michigan Driving School rents space to hold their classes.  Please contact them at 989-893-8403 with any questions.  An updated schedule will be attached when one is received in the office.
  • Student volunteer card (purple) ~ a pdf scan of our volunteer card is attached below.
  • Follow the steps to request a transcript by clicking here.

Students, remember to check the volunteer board located outside the Counseling Office for opportunities we are asked to share.

Documents to View/Download

CHS Volunteer Card
Michigan Driving School

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